Firstly, we are so excited to have opened the doors to the salon following lockdown. As a salon, we have a responsibility to you as our guest, as well as to our entire amazing tribe, ensuring everyone’s safety whilst creating ease of mind during your pampering visit with us. 

We have now put new procedures and measures in place, which a year ago would have seemed alien. But, in these new times, our core values are still very much there but have adapted. Our guest-centric ethos is still at the core of who we are. But, now, in addition to creating beautiful, healthy hair and a relaxing, pampering experience, we have a newfound responsibility. It is now our duty to keep you safe whilst visiting, allowing you to still relax and unwind whilst with us. Some of these measures include increased cleaning protocols for the salon, both after each guest and daily. Tribe members wearing both masks and visors. All guests receiving medical grade masks upon entry. Tribe members being tested twice a week. Hand sanitising stations across the salon and more. You are in safe hands at The Hair Movement.

The following guest procedures have been put in place to allow for a relaxed pampering experience. 

1)  We are now be open 6 days a week in order to ensure social distancing whilst being able to accommodate all guests. On Mondays, we will be open from 9 am-7 pm, Tuesday 9 am-7 pm, Wednesday-Thursday 9 am-9 pm, Friday, 9 am – 5 pm and Saturdays 9am – 5pm.

The tribe will be working in shifts, ensuring that there will never be more than 6 guests in the salon at any given time. As we are fortunate in having a larger footprint, this is to ensure that social distancing measures are kept between our guests.

2) We are working our hardest to ensure that all our guests are briefed about all our new ways of working before entering the salon. We have done this by email, text, social, google, and via our own website. Our incredible salon-coordinator has also been ringing guests. However, we are a community and if you happen to speak to someone who is also part of The Hair Movement community, please feel free to share this information with them.

3) This is a BIG one and all I can do is ask for your patience and understanding. As we have a completely new working schedule it was impossible to maintain any pre-existing bookings. This means that we are ALL  starting a new and we ask that you all treat any previously made appointments made BEFORE lockdown as nonexisting (if made after June 15th, then the appointment is in the diary) I know that this seems unjust, but there is simply no way around this, which I hope you understand. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any additional aggravation.

4) On booking your appointment, all guests will now be required to make a 50% booking deposit. This is of course new to most and we hope that you understand why we have implemented this. Please also note that we are also a cash free business and only accept card payments.

5) For each appointment, we have now added a 15-minute cleaning window. This allows the tribe to disinfect the styling station as well as all tools. It also allows them to take a few minutes between each guest to be mask free.

6) Pricing has been slightly amended. We believe in openness and complete transparency, which is why we wanted to share the additional costs which have now been added in order to accommodate our new reality. We have increased costs regarding PPE and sterilising products. In addition to this, we are now open 7 days a week with extended hours each day. This too has a major cost implication to us as a business. We know that you understand that nothing in life is free and that after living without your stylist on and off over the past year, they have a real value. Taking all of this into account, we have increased our prices slightly. It is marginal, but it is there, and we feel it’s only right to explain why.

7) I know that you love to show your additional appreciation by giving your stylist a tip.  The Hair Movement is now a cash-free salon, this also includes tips. But fret not, if you still wish to, you will able to add a tip on to your final bill when paying by card. This is obviously not something which is expected, but as always, is appreciated.

8) Please take this as intended (I know it is not relevant to 99.99% of our guests). Our safety policies are ours and not a point for discussion, dispute, or contention. If a guest feels that they do not want to wear the mask provided to them or wash their hands upon entry, then this is, for the moment, not the salon for you. We also need to add this, which is again not applicable to 99.99% of our guests, but we will simply not allow for any rudeness towards any of my tribe members who will be doing everything they can to keep you as our guest safe, them as a tribe safe, and their own families safe during this very very very unprecedented global event. We hope that you all understand why this was added, but unlike our fundamental belief throughout our careers that guests are always right, in this case, there is an exception. We also hope that the PPE and additional safety measures do not negatively affect your overall experience.

9) Single person entry. Please keep in mind. we are only allowing one person per appointment into the salon at a time. This means we will for the initial period not be able to accommodate children that are dependent on their parents unless they are booked in for a parallel appointment alongside their parent.

10) Please download the track and trace app on your phones. A QR code is available upon entry on the front of house screen to the left of the reception desk. Please scan the code. It keeps everyone nice and safe.

We hope that the above measures reassure you that your safety is paramount to us. Once again, thank you for your support. Thank you for your loyalty, and thank you for being part of The Hair Movement.