fight damage – the shot



You’ll get stronger, healthier hair, free from damage.  Can be added to any colour, or be added to water and sprayed on. It can even be added to your conditioner. Repairing hair has never been this easy. 

Prevent damage and repair with bond building and foundation strengthening carbocysteine.


get the most out of your fight damage shot!

The fight damage shot can either work to prevent damage, like when mixing in with a colour, or it can repair existing damage. The carbocysteine works to strengthen and rebuild your hair bonds on a foundational level. The real beauty with the shot is that it can be mixed into almost anything, making it really easy to apply. 

HOW TO USE.  You can add the fight damage shot to almost anything – water in a spray bottle, your conditioner or masque, and of course, your colour and bleach. Simply add 5 ml to every 100 ml of liquid, stir or shake, and apply your chosen product as normal. Once finished, neutralise your hair using our miracle masque. It’s that simple. 




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