fight the frizz conditioner



You’ll get healthier hair with an increase in strength, shine and manageability, and a radical reduction in frizz.

Nourish your hair with strengthening, repairing and frizz-fighting quinoa.

The Fight the Frizz Conditioner comes in three sizes. The 100ml Traveller, the 400ml Individual and the 1000ml Family size. For home use we obviously recommend the larger size, as it means even less packaging used over the year.


get the most out of your fight the frizz conditioner!

HOW TO USE. Start by using The Hair Movement shampoo which best suits your hair type. Keep in mind that choice of conditioner is less about hair type and more about the general condition of your hair. The fight the frizz conditioner will increase strength, shine and manageability and give a real reduction in frizz. Just like with our shampoos, less is more. No need to apply too much as you’ll be wasting it, and it can make your hair feel too heavy.  Apply the conditioner and work from ends to root. Your root area is your newest hair and needs the least amount of condition, so work your way up, not down. You can either rinse it off straight away, or leave on for a few pampering minutes. Your hair will be left nourished, soft and pH balanced.  


1000ml, 100ml, 400ml

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