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With Fight the Frizz shampoo, you’ll get healthier, stronger hair, a radical reduction in frizz with a softer, smoother feel. All with colour protect. 

Cleanse your hair with strengthening quinoa, soothing chamomile and building amaranth.

The Fight the Frizz shampoo comes in three sizes. The 100ml Traveller, the 400ml Individual and the 1000ml Family size. For home use we obviously recommend the larger size, as it means even less packaging used over the year.


get the most out of your fight the frizz shampoo!

HOW TO USE. First thing’s first, you are about to use a quality product with some incredible ingredients, so less is most definitely more. No need to use a lot of product, you’ll just be wasting it and it’ll make your hair feel heavy. Wet your hair and apply a small amount of shampoo, working it from ends to root. As this shampoo is free from SLS, and all other naughties, don’t expect a massive lather. Instead, expect a pure and deep cleansing feel, whilst knowing that your hair is being well taken care of. Rinse your hair and use The Hair Movement conditioner which best suits your hair type and condition. 


1000ml, 100ml, 400ml

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