Tania Betsy – Creative Salon Director

It’s the only thing I’ve ever done and want to do for more than 28yrs!

Hair is my thing and it always will be! Moving into my third decade in the industry, I can honestly say, what a ride!!

I have ran a successful salon for 10 years whilst learning and growing my craft, which allows me to teach and share my experiences with my guests, my team and now my new tribe.

Balayage and all of its bespoke techniques have been at the forefront over the last few years which I have mastered.

I believe everyday is a school day, so for me and the tribe it’s important to bounce off of each other, breeding an infectious atmosphere so we can create and allow our guests to enjoy and appreciate being in the seat!

So, come enjoy, relax and feel undeniably fabulous !

Amy Russell –  Creative Brand Director

I am what is considered a late bloomer in the hairdressing world. Starting my career at the age of 19, I took an apprenticeship in my local salon after I’d been travelling and needed a job. Needless to say I absolutely fell in love with every aspect of hairdressing.

I knew I still wanted to travel and figured I could do hair anywhere in the world. Little did I realise at the time that I’d go on to travel the world as an educator. I’m now 10 years into my career, and have taught classes and done shows across Europe. More recently I won Denman’s Stage Star competition and was given the opportunity to work at the IBS in New York.

There are still many things I want to tick off my career list, but my day to day in the salon is what brings me the most joy. I love building relationships with clients, I believe my job is to give you more than just a fantastic haircut, it’s to give you a whole experience. I’m so excited to join the beautiful team at The Hair Movement, start meeting new people, and make all your hair dreams come true.

Victoria Clancey –  Senior Stylist

I have always had a passion for hair and decided to study hairdressing at the London College of Hair and Beauty in Soho. After graduating, I went on to work for a notable London hair salon where she developed her skills over the next 15 years. During this time I also built a busy and loyal client base whilst assisting in inspiring and developing young stylists’ careers.

Hair is truly a passion for me, seeing new trends that appear on the street and on the catwalk keep my ideas and styles fresh.

When working with hair my main inspiration is always my guests. It is so important to achieve a look that suits my guest’s hair, lifestyle, personality and look. Collaborating with my guests to create a look that makes them feel good is key.

Whether you would like to sit and read a magazine or have a good chat, I am happy to let you take the lead so you are relaxed and comfortable while I perfect your look.  I am always happy to talk hair and enjoy giving my guests any advice that will help them look after their hair at home.  Please just ask away!

Kim Moore –  Senior Stylist

Kim is an expert in all aspects of hair-styling and is a qualified assessor, honing her skills for the past twenty years.  She was inspired by her dad, who is a barber, to get into the hair industry.  What keeps Kim happy on a daily basis is her No.1 passion.  People.  She creates lasting relationships with her clients, some of whom are still with her since she began her career in hair twenty years ago.  Don’t let that deter you though.  She still loves creating beautiful hair and forging relationships with new clients too.

‘To be someone’s chosen stylist is a big deal.  You get to spend a lot of time together over the years, and you really get to know them and their lives.  If I can help make them more confident and happier to take on life’s challenges, then I’m happy.’

Style is ever-changing, and people do the same.  Kim believes your hair should follow suit.  ‘You change your wardrobe with the seasons.  You change your shade of lipstick depending on your mood.  I am a firm believer that you should treat your hair in the same way.  I work with my clients to create amazing hair that reflects them as a person, changing as they change, but always looking beautiful.  It really makes my day worthwhile seeing them leave the salon with confidence to be their best self.’

Lucy Martin-  Stylist

My passion for hairdressing began when I started working in a salon at a young age as a Saturday girl. It was there I came to understand just how important the complete client experience was, and how much I wanted to work in this incredibly creative industry, setting my own footprint.

After completing my hairdressing studies, gaining all qualifications, I immersed myself into the industry, learning from the best in order to constantly improve and become the best all round hairdresser possible, providing the highest level of service and experience to my clients.

I am now extremely excited to become a tribe member at The Hair Movement [ the salon ], a five star rated creative hub

Jessie Powell –  Stylist

I have always wanted to be a hairdresser.  From an early age, whenever I was allowed, I used to play with the hair of family and friends. I would give them ‘makeovers’, and already back then I became passionate about creating a look which would make them feel better about themselves. I think that’s what drives me. That look when a guest sees the finished result in the mirror and a reflection of joy beams back. I will honestly never get bored of it. I work really hard to build trust with my guests, which forges relationships that allow me to keep fulfilling their hair dreams and wishes.

I left school and went straight into my apprenticeship with a well-known salon group. In my third and final year of training, out of the salons in the group, I came first in the colour and cutting competition. Already a young stylist, I just wanted to keep learning. That desire to always further develop my skills and craft has never dwindled. I keep it alive by learning from industry greats, attending courses and by pushing myself. One of the last courses I took part in was for a new technique of balayage, allowing me to perfect that natural, sun-kissed look.

I now have 14 years of experience and still massively love the industry. I firmly believe that you have to keep growing and stay on trend with the latest looks and techniques. This is one of the reasons I am joining the tribe at The Hair Movement. It’s a brand, which in a very short space of time, has put its mark on the industry, whilst completely changing the benchmark and definition of what a salon experience should be like for its Guests.

I can’t wait to see you soon for a coffee and a consultation.

Josh Wise –  Stylist

My name’s Josh and I’m a new tribe member at The Hair Movement. I started my hairdressing career in 2017, training in some of the best salons in Northampton. I get a thrill out of taming the wildest hair and love seeing the beautiful hair transformation, experiencing with my guests the ‘wow’ factor of a wonderful before and after. My passion is colour, especially blondes, but of course finishing a look with a great cut and style is something I take so much pride in.

My creative style has been described as more classic with a contemporary twist, and I’m constantly keeping up to date with new trends via social media and the industry as a whole, which I feel is vital to being a successful and current stylist.

I am so happy to now be part of The Hair Movement and look forward to sharing some hair memories with you.

Alex Prior –  Stylist

My name’s Alex, and I’m a new member of The Hair Movement tribe! Here’s a little bit about me (so you know what you’re getting). I’ve been studying hairdressing since I was 16, but there’s been a hairdresser in me for as long as I can remember. I used to be the girl in school who would plait everyones’ hair, always creating new styles on my friends. So when I left school, I started a hairdressing apprenticeship hoping that it would be what I’d always imagined, and I absolutely fell in love! Not only was I lucky to have a profession I was already passionate about, but I learned a trade, giving me incredible opportunities.

I started my career with Aveda back in 2016 and now I’m a proud tribe member here at The Hair Movement. It goes without saying, I love everything hair: cutting, colouring and I’m especially passionate about hair up! I never stop pushing myself or the creative boundaries, but there’s still so much more I want to learn in an industry that’s forever evolving.

Hair isn’t the only thing I love about what I do. Meeting all of you lovely people is my real driver. Your hair styles may change over time, but being happy never goes out of style.

So join me at the movement, and together we can create your dream hair, and get you feeling fresh and amazing! I look forward to our future hair journey.

Tegan Newbury –  Stylist

It may sound like a cliche, but I’ve known that I want to be in the industry since I was 9. I’d always be the last person out of the house as I just had to make sure that my hair looked perfect, so when I turned 16 I started my apprenticeship and I’ve loved every second of it since. Not only am I really happy with my chosen profession, but I know that it’s one full of passion that has endless creative options. It can also literally take me anywhere!

I’m a big believer in learning and always keeping myself up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, which all naturally melts in with hair trends. Social media, like TikTok, is a great tool for keeping my finger on the pulse of what’s current. I also love sharing my work on TikTok and other social platforms, which is why The Hair Movement is so great, as this is encouraged a lot. 

The time I spend with my guests is about more than the colour or cut, It’s about the relationship we build. I thrive off of building that connection with my guests and having fun whilst working my magic. I’m a massive believer in taking each guest on their own unique hair journey, making each and every one of you feel amazing and giving you the very best version of your hair at all times. 

Although I love EVERYTHING About the industry, my passion is anything and everything colour! Nothing beats a fresh, new, vibrant look!

I’m so excited to now be part of the tribe here at The Hair Movement, and I’m looking forward to meeting you. See you soon!

Ellie Scoulding –  Stylist

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a hairdryer in my hand. As a child I was always told off for playing hairdressing at school. I’ve been working in salons since I was 15 years old, first starting as Saturday support staff. Whilst I was studying Law and Psychology, it became apparent to me what I was truly passionate about, so I made a major switch and started my professional career doing what I really love.

Starting my career as an apprentice in a well-known city salon chain, it was a great training ground, allowing me to hone my skills over the years. I’m crazy about all things hair, but working on creative colours is hands-down my favourite thing. The brighter, the better. I connect my hair-creativity to my second passion, fashion! I’m obsessed with the fashion industry and a massive career goal of mine is to one day create runway-hair masterpieces.

You’ll find that I love chatting and connecting with new people, it really makes my day. I know that being part of The Hair Movement tribe is an absolute privilege, as we all get to put our stamp on the brand whilst working with amazing people, both guests and stylists alike.